"Our ability to dowse is as natural as our ability to use our intuition."

— T. Edward Ross 2nd, Master Dowser

Dowsing—also known as water witching, or the more august term  rhabdomancy, divining with a rod—is an activity practiced by people around the world for centuries. Where I live in rural Vermont dowsers for generations have found it useful when digging water wells. I learned this artful science from Terry Ross and other old-timers. Fact, folklore...or fiction? It remains a wonderful mystery and a fascinating part of the story of history, geology, science, and culture.

Introduction to Dowsing: a hands-on workshop

Basic water dowsing, field dowsing, remote dowsing, map dowsing, techniques of intention, resonance and projection in order to gather information and find things, using a variety of dowsing tools.

This class was first given for Elder Hostel, and was part of the American Society of Dowsers School.

Dowsing the Elusive Thought-Form

A lecture/workshop for the spiritually creative, involving mime, metaphysics, magic, and imaginative movement. Explore how imagination, intuition, perception, and vision move through the dowsing wand. (see Adventures in Mime and Space under WORKSHOPS)

This is a workshop for yoga retreats, spiritual centers, and creative classes. This topic was first presented at the American Society of Dowsers National Convention.

RM has been a lecturer and teacher with the American Society of Dowsers and the Kripalu Center. Rob brings his circus and mime background into literal play during these active and informative workshops.