Magic Programs

“GRANDPA’S SLEEVE” (A “Tricks with Stuff” workshop)

“What’s Up Your Sleeve, Grandpa?” Impromptu Magical Tricks for Grownups (90 minutes)

Simply Fun Grownup Nonsense!

Rob Mermin, founder of the award-winning international company Circus Smirkus, presents a hands-on “magic class” of easy-to-do tricks, stunts, puzzles, and homemade amusements especially for grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and parents. Impress the youngsters by showing how ordinary objects become magical! Surprise yourself and others! No skill required! No computers, electronic devices or batteries! Experience the “Wow! That is so cool!” reaction from kids in the very first minute!

This workshop is great for libraries, clubs, teachers, staff meetings, executives, and seniors. Pure fun! A guarantee you will show a trick to someone as soon as you get home. A magical trick is a sudden shift of perspective, not merely a method of deception. It can evoke that momentary pause of wonder, which catches us—like a sudden butterfly—by surprise and delight. I have done this workshop with elders, at family reunions, retreat centers, and with a gathering of prominent scientists—and they behaved like the silliest kids of all, delightfully recalling long-forgotten tricks from their childhood!

These are simple tricks of science that can immediately be taught to kids. Bring a notebook but keep the kids at home: this time it’s fun FOR ADULTS ONLY! (“Tricks With Stuff” can also be available for kids and adults together!)

Requirements: a room with tables or desks. Rob provides all necessary hands-on props.

“I came because I saw this was advertised for grandparents, and that means me. I had the BEST time! Oh, boy, I can’t wait to show these tricks to my grandkids next week!”
— P.J., Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier, VT

Magic and Mystery (performance)

This is an intimate evening of Old Fashioned Close-up Conjuring designed for an adult and family audience. Rob presents an atmosphere of elegant magic, mind reading, and mystique, with an edifying digression into street scams, cons, and three-card monte swindles. Everything is done with friendly style, grace, and charm, from a briefcase packed with magical effects and stories waiting to be retold.

This show may be engaged as a living room soiree on special occasions; as a formal performance in a small theater; for an influential fund-raising gathering; or as a strictly informal affair with food and good company. Rob provides the marvels, metaphors, and matters of illusion. You provide the snacks.