Smirkus Archives (fun video clips, periodically updated), check out my Youtube channel:

The Parkinson’s Pantomime Project (PD Mime) explores methods of training in specific motor skills adapted from the techniques of pantomime and circus to modify or alleviate symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease.

A 7-minute video introduction.

2018 Showcase of Fun!

The PD Players 2018 showcase performance at The Montpelier Senior Activity Center. Rob’s PD Mime class participants having a lot of fun with audience participation. (48 minutes)



Mime Over Matter – The Video

The PD Players! In 2017, our PD class, in Vermont, first performed an ever-evolving theatrical show. The show explores what it is like to live with Parkinson’s—using humor, emotion, fun, and sincerity through skits, music, mime, poetry, and circus. This project may eventually lead to three things: creating new scripts for other PD groups to produce their own shows; expand the group; and train others to lead PD Mime classes.

Here is the very first show. It’s just over an hour long. Hope you enjoy it.

Rufus Video Clips

Rob and his canine partner Rufus performed mime together in the 1980’s. Here are some clips from Denmark, when R & R were regulars for two seasons on the Danish hit weekly show “TV i Teltet.”

Clip 1: The Rufus Story: Danish children’s TV film about the famous miming dog (the dog, on stage, mimes eating food), 1982

Clip 2: Robin —a mime being “interviewed”—tries to get host Niels Hovgaard tipsy on live TV; (Rufus is disdainful of whole affair) from Danish TV i Teltet, 1982

Clip 3: Last scene from The Rufus Story. Robin receives telegram from Hollywood, but after becoming famous, Rufus just wants to play on the beach. (Director’s “instructions” for Rufus: “act hesitant.”) Watch his ears: when happy, ears stand up. Hesitant, ears bent. Sad, ears half-mast. Marcel Marceau appreciated Rufus’ ability to express emotion in mime.

Metaphoric Cup of Coffee
A short film—11 minutes—by Michael Fisher, commissioned in 2018. A two-day shoot, featuring Rob Mermin and Taryn Noelle.